Stuart Colam

Founding Director; L.S

Stuart first started his surveying career as a survey assistant for a Surveyor in Mullaloo. It was these early years that created the passion and drive that would take him on to university and launched him into a career filled with interesting diversity.

He practiced as a Licensed Surveyor for many years before moving into Project Management. It was in this area he realised his true passion with the multitasking and mastery required to achieve the best possible outcome a piece of land can offer. It was this “developing” of land that proved to be the wind in his sails. He established Vision Surveys Consulting in 2003 and quickly gained a name in the industry for excellence.

Craig Miller

Managing Director; L.S

Craig joined Vision Surveys Consulting in 2008 to be part of a fresh, burgeoning, and energetic company. Since then, Craig has played an integral role in shaping the ongoing success of Vision Surveys Consulting. While overseeing the strategic operations of the business he also provides technical understanding and support to all projects.

As a qualified Licensed Surveyor, Craig brings with him over 17 years of experience in the property development industry. He has a genuine passion for planning and development which has proven to achieve outstanding results for the clients of Vision Surveys Consulting time and time again.

Jay Sidhu

Manager – Project Operations

Jay Sidhu graduated from Curtin University with bachelor degrees in Surveying and Commerce. He has been working in the surveying industry since 2009 in various companies where he was able to nurture and grow his knowledge base and skillset.

Passionate about helping clients develop their success stories, Jay has worked alongside countless clients throughout the years with various challenging projects, never walking away from difficult situations and has maintained a great track record of obtaining the best possible results for clients repeatedly.

Jay is also multilingual and is able to converse in Mandarin, Malay, Hindi, Punjabi and Indonesian which has proven to be very beneficial for many clients. Jay currently manages a team of highly skilled project consultants who share the same vision of developing clients’ success stories.

Darryl Stone

Drafting Manager

Darryl Stone joined the Vision team back in 2010 as the companies very first full time draftsperson. From very early on he set out to put his mark on the plans produced by the company with customer satisfaction always at the forefront.

Since 2010 Darryl has continued to evolve his skill set to meet the demands of a growing company.

In 2015, with nearly 8 years of experience in the drafting industry, Darryl was elevated to the Position of Drafting Manager, and now leads a highly driven drafting team focused on delivering plans of the absolute highest quality, and accuracy to our clients.

Tristan Talbot

Survey Manager

Beginning his career in Geraldton, Tristan first joined the Vision Team in 2009 as a young university student. Since then he has played an integral role in fostering the culture and values that Vision Surveys Consulting holds in high regard.

Now with over 10 years experience in the industry Tristan has a vast knowledge base across a multitude of projects from the very big to the very small.

Since 2015 Tristan has lead a team of passionate and talented surveyors. In that time he has been on the fore front of optimising Vision’s innovative data management systems using mobile technology to enhance our clients project delivery experiences.