Experts in the fundamentals

Surveying is one of many crucial elements that come together to create a project success story and we value the trust our clients put in us to provide accurate results in efficient timeframes to ensure any project moves along smoothly.

Licensed Surveyor

The services of a Licensed Surveyor become necessary when undertaking any work on a property. Be it building, renovating, subdivision projects, apartment projects, boundary disputes or simply replacing a fence. Vision Surveys Consulting has the qualifications, resources, systems & knowledge needed to ensure the best results no matter what the requirement is. Our Licensed Surveyors are also highly experienced with engineering survey consulting, feature & contour survey, laser scanning and a range of other surveys.

Owing to our substantial competency and ability to deliver results, our Licensed Surveyors can offer top notch surveys with efficient turnarounds and a focus on understanding our clients needs. We always make sure to guarantee an unswerving standard of work ethic when engaged for small as well as large projects using state-of-the-art processing and field technology.

Download the pdf file below from The Land Surveyors Licensing Board of Western Australia (LSLB) for more information.

PDF Download