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Surveying is one of many crucial elements that come together to create a project success story and we value the trust our clients put in us to provide accurate results in efficient timeframes to ensure any project moves along smoothly.

Boundary Re-establishment

It is commonly assumed that the fence positions on your property are a true representation of the boundaries. On some properties, this may be the case, however, fences on the majority of properties are out of position by small amounts such as, 50mm to 100mm, and sometimes more. If you are intending to build a house, retaining wall, fence or significant structure near or on a boundary you need to ensure that you do not build outside of the properties boundaries. It can be expensive and time consuming to rectify such a mistake. We highly recommend that you have your perimeters re-established by taking advantage of our boundary surveys to avoid any issue when it comes to your properties boundaries.

Our Services

  • Boundary re-establishment and setout for construction
  • Boundary Identification of fence positions
  • Boundary re-establishment for service installation