Smarter solutions

At Vision Surveys Consulting we know that no two projects or developers are alike. To ensure every project turns into a success story, we offer a full range of services to suit the most experienced developer through to the first-time developer


The most experienced developers have a team of people to tackle the complexity and bureaucracy of subdividing to achieve a successful project. We think you should too.

Solutions and Expertise :

Every subdivision is unique, each with its own special way of being developed. We make your project a stress free project by using our wealth of knowledge to problem solve any issues throughout the subdivision process to ensure the subdivision reaches completion.

Tackle Bureaucracy :

We’ll advocate on your behalf to guide you through the complexity and bureaucracy of subdividing.

Save Money :

You’ll save yourself from more than just headaches – we make sure your development avoids those common drains on your profits and progresses as quickly as possible.